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New Jersey Mall Gunman Found Dead

The gunman who opened firing at the New Jersey Mall was found dead today. His name is Richard Snoop; the 20 year old was a Pizzeria worker.  It is believed that he died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds. His dead body was found in the area of the mall that is under construction. No other injuries apart from the self-inflicted gunshot was evident on his person.

Authorities say Snoop had come into the mall with the aim of killing himself. He had left behind a suicide note and stole his brother’s gun. They say that he was a MDMA addict and would frequently take drugs. From witness accounts, it is proved that Richard Snoop did not intend to hurt anyone apart from himself. He had even told shoppers that he would not harm them as he shot bullets into the air.  More than 1000 shoppers were barricaded in the building when SWAT teams entered the mall.
New Jersey Mall gunman Richard Shoop

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