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Has Nicki Minaj done Plastic Surgery ?

There have been rumors and speculations that Nicki Minaj, a Trinidadian American rap artist has undergone a series of surgeries to change her body looks.  From the butt, nose, chest, to teeth, there seems to be noticeable changes. Apparently, she has altogether denied having undergone any plastic surgery. Reporters have been following her rumor stories and in a bid to seek for conformation, they have not received an answer to the question.

Nicki has chosen to pay no attention to the issue altogether and even after staging an interview with UK’s the Guardian Magazine, where she was asked if her teeth were natural, she  retorted to the interviewer, with the question; are your teeth natural? It is clear that this is something, which infringes her privacy and she may not be willing to provide an answer to the questionable appearance of her body.

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Such speculations have been witnessed before like the Heidi Montag and Megan Fox surgery claims. People believe that surgery procedures like rhinoplasty could be behind the Nicki’s look. Other people suggest that the Nicki Minaj’s butt appearance is attained from implants and celebrity cosmetic surgery.

There are no confessions from surgeons to confirm that plastic surgery has been done. There is no X-rays examination, which may prove that implants have been done. People are relying on photography to substantiate their claims. There are other possibilities that she may have changed her look with clever use of cosmetics such as slimming down the nose giving it a slender look.

However, a person’s appearance can also change significantly as result of changes in hairstyle, color schemes and clothes. The big question still remains as to whether actually Nicki has undergone a plastic surgery or not. It is possible that she may be lying by denying that she has not received any surgical procedure.

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There is also the possibility that what people see is a body change that has been obtained by carefully crafting fashion and cosmetic illusions. Whereas it may be true that Minaj has not had a butt implant, it may be possible that she has had a Brazilian butt lift, which is used to augment the butt. With this procedure, fat may be liposuctioned from other parts of the body and then put on the backside to give the butt a fuller cushier look. In essence, until Nicki makes everything clear about her body changes, people will remain conjectured about these claims.

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery pictures -yes or no ? You decide.


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