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Nigella Lawson Throat Choke Pictures Grab World Attention !

After pictures of Nigella Lawson’s throat choke by husband Charles Saatchi became public, it is learnt that she has reportedly left her home. The incident happened at the Mayfair restaurant where she was having dinner with her billionaire husband.

The 53 year old TV chef looked clearly petrified as her 70 year old husband squeezed her throat tightly several times with both hands. Nigella was on the verge of tears as he pinched her nose, before he ran both of his hands over her face. The diners and the restaurant staff did not intervene. Mayfair is a favorite restaurant of the couple, who have been frequenting this place since the past 10 years.

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Saatchi, an art collector and former advertising guru, downplayed the incident and said that it was just a playful tiff. He added, “”Nigella’s tears were because we both hate arguing, not because she had been hurt.”

The women’s rights group however, have other ideas and they have decided to press charges against the businessman.  The pictures of Saatchi choking Nigella Lawson’s throat first appeared on the Sunday People on June 16.

According to the Law, a warning can be issued to an adult who commits this, a minor offence. There is no criminal conviction but this incident can be used as a proof of bad character in court to testify against another crime.  The suspected can be arrested if he or she does not agree to be warned or cautioned.

The suspect can be arrested or charged if they do not agree to be cautioned. Lawson, 53, dubbed the domestic goddess after the title of one of her cook books and known for her flirtatious kitchen manner, has made no public comment on the incident that happened outside a seafood restaurant in upmarket Mayfair on June 9. Her publicist said she would not be commenting on Tuesday.

Charles Saatchi grabbing Nigella Lawson’s throat – Pictures

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