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Oregon Mall Shooting – Shooter Identified

22 year old Jacob Tyler Roberts is identified as the gunman who opened fire at Clackamas Town Center, Connecticut before killing himself. He wore a white hockey mask and was seen firing indiscriminately shooting and killed two people before shooting himself.

Hannah Patricia Sansburn, 20, the shooter’s ex-girlfriend described him as a regular happy-go-lucky who enjoyed cracking a joke or two, until ‘something happened’ that changed his behavior since the past week. In fact, she says ‘Roberts was someone who loved to make you laugh, smile, make you feel comfortable. I never would have guessed him to do anything like this ever.’ She added that since the past one week, he appeared to be ‘numb’ to people around him.

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On Tuesday afternoon,  Jacob Tyler Roberts wearing a white hockey mask and a load-bearing vest, dashed into Clackamas Town Center near Portland and opened fire with an AR15 rifle which he had flicked from an acquaintance, a day ago. The police have not yet unearthed the motive behind this man’s firing but it is learn from a friend that Roberts had recently sold his valuables as he had planned to move to Hawaii but seemed sad that he had missed the flight.

Roberts used to work in a gyro shop. His colleagues at Big Bertha’s sandwich shop said that they were surprised when they he gave a notice abruptly in November saying that he had inherited money from a relative and was supposed to go to Hawaii and hoped to travel.  Roberts worked at gyro shop and attended Clackamas Community College. His last status on his Facebook was ‘I’m the kind of person that is going to do what I want.’

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In a press conference on Wednesday, Clackamas Country Sheriff Craig Roberts revealed that there would have been more casualties, the mall had 10,000 people shopping but Robert’s gun jammed. However, he got the rifle working again and sprinted down the corridor and pulled the trigger onto himself. The sheriff said that the gunman was also stopped by quick police retaliation, organized exit of shoppers and support from the mall staff.

Roberts stayed in Portland, his car and home were thoroughly searched by the police and the information is still under wraps. But it does occur that he did not have any criminal background in Oregon, except for two speeding tickets this year.

The gunman began opening fire at around 3.30 pm on Tuesday as he kept on shouting ‘I am the shooter’. He then began to shoot rapidly as Christmas music played in the background.  It was a horrific scene as the mall Santa ducked for cover, while many hid in changing rooms as others led for their lives.  By 4:50 pm,  Roberts was dead and the mall was kept on ‘lock-down’ status with all entrances closed and the police and SWAT teams began investigating.

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