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Oscar Pistorious Breaks Down During the Trial as the Crime Scene is Reconstructed

Oscar Pistorius had allegedly killed his girlfriend Steenkamp over a year ago. During the Wednesday Pistorius murder trial, the South African police officer somewhat enacted the night when Reeva Steenkamp was killed. The defense lawyer tried to disregard the allegations made by the police by highlighting some mistakes during the forensic analysis carried out by a forensic expert, Vermeulen.

In 2013, the lawyers of Pistorius were able to secure him a bail very soon after his girlfriend was found murdered. Even at that time, Pistorius’s  lawyers had claimed that the police had tampered the crime scene evidence. Even now, the lawyers of Pistorius are holding on to the same points during the trial.

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On Feb 14, 2013, 29-year old Reeva Steenkamp was allegedly shot dead inside the toilet of the house during the wee hours of the da by double-amputee runner boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius. Since then Pistorius has been claiming that Steenkamp was killed by him by mistake. However, the prosecutor has been trying consistently to prove that he had intentionally shot her after they argued on some matter.

During the Wednesday court trial, the toilet door was revealed in the court. It had four bullet holes on it. Even the Pistorius’s cricket bat was shown during the trial. Pistorius claims that he had used the bat to break open the toilet door when he came to realize that he had accidently shot Steenkamp.

During the trial, the prosecutor tried to re-enact the fateful night’s event by showing the height at which Pistorius may have used the bat to strike the toilet door. When the autopsy details were revealed, Pistorius broke down and claimed that he struck the door with the bat from a lower angle as he was in his stumps. The prosecutor claimed that the blade runner was wearing his prosthetic legs when he had struck the door and the marks of the bat on the lower portion of the door was mainly because he had struck it with a bent back.

If the fact that Pistorius was wearing his prosthetic legs during the incident is proved by the prosecutor, it will easily expose whether Steenkamp was shot intentionally or unintentionally. Since the time court case began, prosecutors have maintained that Pistorius was wearing his prosthetics when he used his gun to fire through the door killing Steenkamp.

On other side, Pistorius has maintained that he was in his stumps and shot Steenkamp by mistake as he felt that an intruder was hiding inside the toilet. He also claims that after firing the gun shots, he wore his prostheses and kick open the toilet door and even used a cricket bat in panic to reach his girlfriend.

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Reeva Steenkamp crime scene photos with court reconstruction of toilet door and the bat

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