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Pictures of the Titanic Sinking, Video

The Journey of the Titanic began on the Southampton coast on the 10th of April 1912. Captain Edward Smith was in charge of Titanic when it left Southampton on 10th April until it hit the iceberg at the Atlantic Ocean. When Titanic left Southampton, it arrived at Cherbourg 90 minutes later. She departed from Cherbourg the same day and arrived in Queenstown, which is known as Cobh, Cork County in Ireland. She departed from Queenstown the same day and headed for New York.

On the 14th of April at exactly 11.40pm Titanic hit an iceberg, which led to its sinking two hours later. Before the accident occurred, there had been reports presented about the state of icebergs that had been seen along the ships’ pathways on the Newfoundland area. A cargo boat had radioed clear warning to Titanic about icebergs and this was on the Saturday evening 13th April 1912.

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On 14th April the fateful day, other successive iceberg warnings were signaled to Titanic. Around lunchtime on the 14th April, Baltic send signals to Titanic citing the presence of heavy collections of icebergs along the ships’ paths. Baltic was a sister liner to Titanic of the White Star Liner company. Captain Lord of the Californian ship also send a signal to Antillian but it was intercepted by Titanic before it was forwarded to Antillian ship.

More warnings continued to be received by Titanic including that from Californian at about 11.00pm minutes before Titanic hit the iceberg. Despite all these warnings, Titanic continued to cruise at high speed of about 23.4knots. Her maximum speed was 24knots. At 11.40pm on Sunday, April 14th 1912, Titanic hit the iceberg resulting to a catastrophic end of a journey that was most viewed as one of the exciting maiden voyage of the time.

Titanic was a modern ship that was often described as the “Unsinkable” ship. The sinking of the Titanic left 1522 passengers dead and only about 705 passengers were rescued. Although there were enough lifeboats on the ship, the rescue emergency did not manage to safe all the passengers. Some lifeboats are said to have been dropped half full, which could have led to passengers running short of lifeboats to rescue them.

Titanic sinking pictures

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Titanic sinking video

Here is a video from the James Cameron Titanic, which shows the ship sinking.

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