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Poison Oak Rash Pictures

Poison oak rash happens when  you come in contact with poison oak , a plant that grows in the form of shrubs, vines, bushes etc in hilly areas.  This rash is known to be one of the most common causes of rash in the US.

Causes of poison oak rash

The main offender here is urushiol, an oil that is found present in poison oak.  The leaves of the plant, the berries and the stem contain this oil.  Every possible type of contact with the plant can cause this rash, including touching the fur of pets that may have come in contact with the plant, touching  any part of the plant, touching your clothes that may have come in touch with the plant etc.

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An itchy rash forms on your skin in a matter of 12 to 48 hours after you come in touch with the plant. This may take one to three days also, in some cases.  Thin skin areas in the body like the face are more susceptible to poison oak rash.

Poison oak rash symptoms

The rash first come up in the form of a long, thin line which then grows into inflammation in the formof red bumps on the skin and breakouts in the skin.  Poison oak blisters happen due to severe itching on the area.

Poison oak rash treatment

Some of the prescribed treatment methodologies for poison oak rash include

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  • Topical corticosteroid creams that can relieve the itch
  • Oral corticosteroid medications to treat more complex allergies
  • Prescribed antihistamines in case the poison oak rash becomes severe
  • Antibiotics in case of the event of the rash turning into infection

Poison oak rash pictures


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