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Princess Diana Death – Conspiracy Theories

The death of Princess Diana in a major car accident on 31st August, 1997 had sparkled lot of controversies which is still not resolved. Princess of Wales, Diana died due to major injuries suffered in a car accident in Pont De l’Alma road tunnel in central Paris in France. Her accident is considered to be the most unfortunate and mysterious by news and dailies across the globe. The official investigation has ruled out the chances of murdering of the Princess and mainly accused the chauffer, Henri Paul and Papparazi reporters who were chasing them in the streets of Paris as the cause of accidents. On the night of her death, Princess Diana was with her boy friend, Dodi Fayed who were returning from a hotel in Paris. They were accompanied by Henri Paul who was driving the limousine at a very high speed. Both Henri and Dodi died on the spot, while Diana succumbed to the injuries after reaching hospital. The only survivor of this fatal accident is the bodyguard of Diana and Dodi, Trevor Rees-Jones.  Though the initial investigation has indicated reckless driving of the drunk driver, there are many theories which indicate that this  Princess Diana accident was a well planned murder.

British Royal Family behind the accident?

When Diana’s body was laid to rest on September 6, 1997 which was attended by millions of people in London, the distance maintained by Royal Family during this time has caused resentment and outcry among the British public. It was rumored that the royal family who were present at their Balmoral Castle had initially refused to attend the funeral as well. Many believe that the Royal family was behind this attack. Among the people who were first to raise this was Dodi’s father, Mohammed Al-Fayed who is a multi millionaire businessman from Egypt and owner of Hotel Ritz where the couple last spent their time together. Mohammed Al-Fayed accused the Royal Family has scripted this accident with the help of MI6, the British Intelligence Service. The most probable reason was, Royal family was against the relation of Princess Diana and the Dodi Al-Fayed. Dodi Al-Fayed was a Muslim and if Princess Diana marries him, it would have been a biggest cause of embarrassment for the royal family as Dodi would have become the step father of Prince William and Harry. Princess Diana was even speculated of being pregnant with Dodi’s child.

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The rumors surrounding the relation of Dodi Al-Fayed and Princess Diana had hit the headlines of national and international dailies with Papparazi reporters clicking the pictures of the couple which had worried Royal Family to a great extent. Mohammed Al-Fayed has raised these concerns when he accused Royal Family and the British Intelligence agency for murdering his son and the princess. He said that an agent of MI6 was present in the accident spot posing as a reporter. The CCTV footage of the tunnel was tampered and the blood sample of Henri Paul was exchanged to show that the accident was a result of the reckless driving by drunken Henri. He further added that a mysterious White Fiat Uno car was blocking the limousine which caused the driver lose control and colliding with the pillar of the tunnel.

The allegations made by Mohammed Al-Fayed did not stand good in front of the investigation agencies although a leading UK daily published a letter hand written by Diana few months ago indicating that her husband is planning an accident of her car.

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Dodi’s Enemies behind the attack?

Few people believe that the accident was done to kill Dodi Fayed and were conspired by enemies of Mohamed Al –Fayed. Mohamed Fayed is a well known Egyptian business magnate and has developed many enemies around during his path of success. Fayed was the owner of many businesses and to spread his empire in United Kingdom, he was involved in many kinds of illegal business practices which also included under the table payments to Conservative Party MPs.

Although this argument hold good, the name of the enemies are still unknown which forces to believe that this assumption is wrong.

Did Princess Diana fake her own death ?

Diana’s personal life was chased by Papparazi reporters and there is a possibility that Diana had faked her death and using this plot she might had disguised with her boy friend. The theory stands good if believe the Daily News reporter whom Diana sent a letter just 6 hours before the accident that she was going to withdraw from public life.

If this theory is to be believed, then question mark arises on the three bodies which were recovered from the accident spot.

Due to all the controversies, French and British investigations were done separately to ascertain the true reason for death. Strangely, all the investigation agencies had come out with only one report stating that the reason for the accident was over limit alcohol consumption of Henri Paul and the papparazi reporters who were behind them all the time.




Ken Wharf, confidante of Lady Diana and her royalty protection officer has written a tell-all about the world’s most loved princess and what really happened that night in  his book – Diana – A Closely Guarded Secret.

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