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Ram Singh, Accused in Delhi Gang Rape was on TV Reality Show

Ram Singh, the main accused in Delhi gang rape case, actually appeared on a TV reality show  ‘Aap ki Kachcheri’ featuring Kiran Bedi. In the show, he had asked for compensation from his employer for suffering injuries on his arms, when a bus that he was driving has veered out of control.  Ram Singh asked for Rs. 12 lakh and had even filed a complaint with the labor court.

In the show, Ram Singh claims,  “I was taking a left turn near Lado Sarai around 5am on April 5, 2009, when a rickshaw that was also taking a left turn suddenly swerved to the right. In order to avoid a collision, I swerved to the right too and rammed into a divider.” Following the accident, he was taken to AIIMS Trauma Centre and underwent a surgery on his arm, in which an iron rod was fitted.

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Delhi Police sources and Times of India confirms that he is the same man. Kiran Bedi, an ex-IPS officer and a front-runner of the India Against Corruption movement recalls, “He had come to my show and had alleged that his employer had not financially assisted him with hospital bills following the accident. But the employer refused to pay any compensation as he alleged that Singh had a history of irresponsible behaviour. Singh did not get any compensation at the end of the show.”

In the show, Ram Singh’s employer had claimed that Singh had taken the vehicle out in spite of telling him that the bus had been withdrawn from the service. “My manager had brought it to Singh’s notice that our buses had been removed from service and won’t run from April 4, 2009. Yet, he took the vehicle out on April 5 and was drunk at the time of incident. What’s more, he allowed the helper to drive as well. He is a habitual offender and a rash driver and the accident was purely his negligence,” he said on the Kiran Bedi show.

What is shocking is that in spite of his involvement in an accident like this and a disability in his arms,  Ram Singh was allowed to drive a school bus.  “His driver’s licence should have been cancelled. This also indicates that his later employer didn’t bother to check his antecedents before allowing him to drive,” said a shocked Bedi.

Ram Singh, on weekdays, was  employed by a private bus operator named Yadav Travels in Noida, that would drive children to and from a private school in Saket.  On Sunday night (December 16, 2012), he allowed his brother Mukesh drive the bus. The vehicle had tinted windows, which is not allowed in Delhi. The brothers and the four men had decided to go on a joy ride, and pulled over at a bus stop and picked up a carpenter. The man who paid Rs. 10 fo a ticket, was robbed of Rs. 8000 and thrown off the bus near the IIT campus in South Delhi.

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30 minutes later, the men on the bus trained their eyes on a young couple on the road at the Munirka bus stand and pulled over. The couple though that this bus was one of the privately operated vehicles which are treated like public transport in Delhi. Soon after the couple bought Rs. 20 tickets, the men on the bus began to abuse the male passenger and when the woman intervened, they abused her and asked why she was out at  night with a man at 9.30 pm. When the man intervened, the men began hitting him with an iron rod.  Next they turned on her and began hitting her. The Delhi Police Commissioner said, ” She was punched repeatedly in the stomach’ and then the men took turns to rape her as the bus kept moving. They also inserted a rod into her body, resulting in severe damage, which resulted in her death days later on December 29, at 2:15 am IST at Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital. At 11 pm, these rapists stripped the couple and threw them off the bus.

Ram Singh took the bus to a secluded spot and washed it with the intention of cleaning the blood stains and semen stains that could link the vehicle to the ghastly attack.

CCTV footage from Delhi’s National Highway 8 showed the bus with ‘Yadav’ sign painted on the outside. The police began to investigate and as the matter came to public knowledge,  Dinesh Yadav, the owner of the bus that Ram Singh drove, approached the police.  Ram Singh was arrested and he gave the names of the others involved, including his brother Mukesh.

Vinay Sharma, an assistant gym instructor was arrested in Delhi and so was Pawan Gupta, a fruit seller. Akshay Thakur a man who had come to Delhi from Bihar for seeking employment was also arrested in Bihar. Raju, a minor, also alleged to be an accused in the rape case, and a native of Uttar Pradesh was arrested at the Anand Vihar terminal in Delhi.

Ram Singh who hails from Ravi Dass Camp, South Delhi, was brought forward the Metropolian Magistrate on December 18, 2012. Mukesh Singh has been put in solitary confinement in Tihar jail for his own safety.

Here is the video of clip of Ram Singh on India’s TV reality show Aap Ki Kachcheri.

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  2. Divika Bandoo says:

    If it was up to me .. i would have them tortured to death in the public .How can anyone be so cruel to another being . This is insane to read about . We should make an example out of these heartless men.I hope her soul will find some peace.

  3. b. gast says:

    These men are not animals. It is a insult for animals to be compared with these men. Animals don’t act as barbaric and gangrape, slaughter their females. Animals ar far better than these men. They are devils and monsters and the worst scum of the earth. They should be eradicated completely! Especially the “socalled” juvenile.

  4. Justice says:

    He and all the six deserves capital punishment. They are seasoned criminals who knew exactly what they were doing, we do not want people like this in our society. The lawyers who defend them are just liars talking like complete morons!

  5. Dinesh says:

    These kind of human animals must be eliminated for humanity to exist.

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