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Saly Greige accuses Doron Matalon of photobombing her selfie

Saly Greige (age 25, born  1989) was Miss Lebanon in 2014. She even represented her country in the Miss World Championship and is set to be a contender for Miss Universe title.  She was born in El Koura, Lebanon and is 1.71 meters tall (5 feet 7 inches).

Saly Greige graduated from University of Balamand with a degree in Civil Engineering. She won the coveted Miss Lebanon title on October 5, 2014.

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Saly Greige – Doron Matalon controversy

Saly Greige found herself in a controversial position when her selfie with Miss Israel Doron Matalon stirred criticism in social media. The selfie was taken in Miami where the girls are currently staying for the event on Sunday.  Lebanon and Israel have been in a warring position since their war in 2006, constantly indulging in hostilities against each other.

After the whiplash, Saly Greige sought to clarify her position saying that Miss Israel Dorton Malaton had photobombed the selfie. She wrote, “The truth behind the picture is that since the first day of my arrival to take part in Miss Universe, I was cautious enough to avoid being in a picture or communicate with Miss Israel who tried many times to take a picture with m. I was having a photo with Miss Japan and Miss Slovenia when suddenly Miss Israel jumped it and took a selfie and uploaded it on her social media.”

Later, she cropped out the picture of Miss Israel Doron Matalon and put it up on Instragram

Saly Greige with Doron Matalon selfie photo

saly greige doron matalon selfie

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Selfie photo in which Miss Lebanon cropped out Miss Israel

saly greige miss lebannon selfie cropped

Saly Greige Pictures

sally greige photo saly greige miss lebanon saly greige photo saly greige picture


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