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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch – Features and Price

Korean Electronics Company, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is set to create a new wave in the market with the launch of its new technology, Galaxy Gear Smartwatch which was announced on Wednesday, September 4th. After bringing the smartphones closer to common man, Samsung is planning to get the wearable computing devices for them by offering its products at a much lesser price. The smartwatch was launched in a gala function in IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, Germany.

Samsung, which is known to reduce the market share of Apple has sent a clear signal to the iPhone maker with this launch. Since, the launch is much before Apple’s announcement, industry leaders believe that it will soon take over the position of being an innovator rather than follower.

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As per the Executive Vice President of Marketing of Samsung, Lee Young-hee, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be a companion device for Samsung smartphones and tablets. Users can view notifications, do basic functions like browse photos, take hands free calls and do instant messaging, all at one place without even looking at smartphone and tablet. According to Lee Young-hee, the smartwatch is set to make a drastic change in the lifestyle of the youth. The system is going to be a trend setter in style.

The android enabled smartwatch have a 1.63 inch 320×320 pixel super AMOLED screen which is surrounded by metal frame and has a rubberized band. Customers will get a chance to select the band from a range of six different colors which also includes a beige option that has a champagne-toned metal frames. The smartwatch is also enabled with 1.9 MP Camera. Gear smartwatch is powered by 800 MHz processor and 512MB RAM.

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The above specifications definitely are nowhere near to the existing high end smartphones and tablets which offer better display and processor speed and camera of 13MP, but Samsung is saying that Galaxy Gear is much better than the previous watches which were basically being prepared to make and receive calls. Galaxy Gear, on the other hand is equipped with all kinds of apps. Around 70 optimized apps allow the users to do many other functions than just calls. The users can even see notifications, and write emails/texts from this watch.

Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch

Galaxy Gear can easily be paired with the Samsung mobile phones, thereby providing easy access while on the go. It can also play music right from the watch. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch has come at a time when major companies like Apple, Google, Sony, Pebble, etc. are looking at options to make wearables. Samsung Galaxy Gear will be available in the retail stores in most of the countries from this month end; whereas, in United States, it will be available from October. The product is moderately priced at $299 and it is expected to ship more than a million units this year. The sale is expected to touch the figure of 36 million by 2018.

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