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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Price, Features, Pictures

Wait is over!!!! The much anticipated phone from Samsung – Galaxy Note 3 is finally being unveiled by the Korean Electronics major in a gala function conducted in IFA trade event in Berlin, Germany on Wednesday. Samsung has revealed the new offering in the smartphone section along with Galaxy Gear smartwatch device and Samsung 10 inch tab. Samsung does understand that the new innovations in its mobile devices have made it a market leader and it has continually doing this every year. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 appears to be as competitive as its previous versions. Let’s look into some of these features of Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The striking feature of Galaxy Note 3 is its soft, leather back which gives it a feel of leather bound journal. The leather cover of the phone makes it easier to grip the large screen phone. While the phone will come with three different colors of back cover: black, white and pink, Samsung is planning to sell several other colors separately. It is definitely going to add to the style of the youth.

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Galaxy Note 3 has a bigger screen than Note 2. It is 5.7 inch diagonally compared to 5.5 inch of its predecessor. It has full HD Super AMOLED display. However, the screen size is not going to have any impact on the weight of the phone. Compared to 6.4 ounces (182 gms) of Note 2, it weighs just 5.9 ounces (167 gms). The phone is also much slimmer than the Note 2. The resolution of the screen is also much better than Note 2. It is 386 ppi compared to 264 in Note 2 and 326 ppi in iPhone 5.

Another big change is with the S Pen. S Pen further unlocks some other features in the phone. The feature called Pen Window which enables the users to access any of eight apps by simply drawing a box of any size in the screen. This helps the users to access any other apps while in the same app. For example, let’s say you are on a web page and at the same time you want to send a chat message to your friend. Instead of minimizing the screen, just draw a box in the screen and eight different icons will pop up. Select the chat icon from them. To start with, Pen Window will support only a limited number of apps which include calculator, clock, Youtube, Phone, web browser, contacts and two chat apps – ChatOn and Google’s Hangouts. However, possibility is there that S Pen will support additional apps in the future. S Pen is difficult to grip and use. The stylus button is quite small too. The scrapbook features enables the users to organize the various contents which are tracked down from other sources. Action Memo helps to handwrite a note. Screen Write feature captures the user’s screen and allows the users to write comments on the captured image.

A new feature called as My Magazine is also added in Note 3. This feature receive the contents from end sources like news, magazines and social media accounts and makes it available in the ready to read format. This feature can easily be synced with the user’s social media websites.

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The phone is equipped with 13 MP camera gives a superb picture quality. This rear camera has a smart stabilization and a high CRI LED flash for getting clear picture at night. Full HD recording is possible with this cam. The front camera on the other hand has a 2MP resolution.

Other technical features of the phone include Quad-Core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 processor with Android Jelly Bean OS. It has a 3 GB RAM with 32/64 GB internal storage. The external memory slot has a capacity of 64 GB memory card slot for microSD card. Samsung claims that the phone will have a better battery life with 3200 mAh Li-Ion battery.

Galaxy Note 3 Price

The price of Galaxy Note 3 is tentatively priced at $600 for USA market. T- Mobile customers can either shell out the full price or cough-up the down-payment which is $200 and then pay $20 to $25 bill every month, till the entire payment is done with.  For T-Mobile, you are not bound by any contract to have the device into the network.

The other major US mobile network provides may offer Galaxy Note at $250-$300 for the first few days. In fact, Galaxy Not 2 had a price tag of $299.99 on contract basis, so the pricing is definitely not going to be below this.  Samsung Galaxy Note 3 does pack in a lot of features that can grace this price tag.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pictures

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 photoSamsung Galaxy Note 3 picsSamsung Galaxy Note 3 picturesam

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