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Samsung Galaxy S2 Pictures

The meteoric sales of Samsung Galaxy S2 which even overtook those of the iPhone 4, proved three things:

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  1. Samsung was the world leader in smartphones
  2. Samsung Galaxy S2 was the product of the year 2011
  3. Android reaffirmed the fact that it was the most popular mobile operating system

The sleekest phone available, the 8.5 mm thin phone with an envious 4.3” Super AMOLED display made people was one of the reasons for people to be besotted by the product.

Better display Samsung Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4 ?

The iphone 4 has Retina Display with a resolution of 960×240 with 327 pixels per inch. Samsung Galaxy S2 may have a relatively modest 800×480 display but its forte lies in its subpixels. S2 has twice  as many subpixels as the original Galaxy and the fact that it has a larger size than the iphone makes it quite a delight to watch videos on the Galaxy S2.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 pictures

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