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Second US Presidential Debate – Obama wins

The second US president debate of 2012  saw Barack Obama in form, going for the jugular vein,  dominating Mitt Romney in a thrilling war of words.  In fact, the national survey had Obama winning the opinion polls at 46 percent compared to Mitt Romney’s 39 percent.

The  Second US Presidential Debate was held in Hempstead, New York with the moderator Candy Crowley of CNN at the helm of affairs.  The debate had questions coming from voters across New York and there were  party to some cut-throat answers from Romney and especially, from Obama.

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Romney was seen reiterating at least three times, the same answer on how he knew how to run a business. There came a point in time, when both came precariously close to treading on personal space in the form of a  body language which seemed to say “Stop, I am talking !’

The main focus of the Second Presidential Debate 2012 was the economy.  The audience posed 11 questions which varied from gun control to immigration to the Libya issue.  The most interesting part of the debate was the Libya issue and the topic of the assassination of the US ambassador and 3 other US citizens.

Romney complained that the President was busy campaigning the day after the attack. Obama  accepted responsibility for the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi which killed ambassador Chris Stevens and three others. He angrily denied that there was any type of cover-up over the tragedy, stating,  ‘The suggestion that anyone on my team would play politics when we lost four of our own is offensive. I’m the one who has to greet those coffins when they come home.’

Obama retorted saying that Romney was politicizing the issue and that it was cheap of  Romney to suggest that the did not care much about the incident and showed insensitivity.  Romney kept on insisting that the President had not deemed the issue as  ‘terrorism’ but the moderator as well as the President insisted that he did. In fat, Obama had  used the  term ‘act of terror’ to denote the incident and stated that the cause may be an anti-Islamic video. The President said that Americans should be united in preventing terrorism, a point accepted by the moderator as well. Crowley inserted herself into the dispute saying that Obama had described Benghazi as an act of terror.

Responding to Crowley’s intervention, Obama said: ‘Candy, could you say that a little louder?’ That tense moment saw the audience burst into a round of applause – despite rules meant to restrict any displays of partisanship from the crowd.

Obama boasted that his energy policies had removes US off its dependency on foreign oil and said that Romney would make the oil companies write the energy policies.  Both candidates were  interested in getting at each other’s goats, accusing  the other of dishonesty.  Obama stated that Romney would lower the gas princes only by taking the economy to the brink of collapse.

 Who turned to be a favorite with women – Obama or Romney ?

The two argued about how good their policies were for women. Obama highlighted on the Lilly Ledbetter Act, which makes it conducive for women workers to sue over employment related discrimination. Romney also harped on gender equality by focusing on how during his tenure as a governor, he had made huge efforts to appoint female cabinet ministers.  Romney even used the phrase ‘ binders full of women’ which become a  Twitter hit.  He talked about giving flexible work schedules to working mothers and said that his policy would boost the economy as he would get women to return to work.

Points raised on Immigration Issue

Romney said that illegal immigrants who entered the US as children should have the pathway to become a permanent resident and criticized Obama for failing to come up with a legislation on immigration reform.  Obama on the other hand, said told the audience that they were just a few miles from Ellis Island, spiritual home of US immigration and attacked Romney for supporting ‘self deportation’  in which immigrants opt to return home voluntarily.

Obama and Romney get personal in the debate

When Romney talked about the crackdown to China, Obama said that Romney actually has ploughed off money into Chinese companies and has outsourced many jobs.  Romney, when he got the chance to speak, said that Obama has also invested his wealth in Chinese firms and companies. He asked, He asked: ‘Mr Obama, have you looked at your pension?’ There were laughs as Obama shot back: ‘I don’t look at my pension – it’s not as big as yours.’

Romney- Obama – Job Creation Debate

Romney accused Obama of relying on government to reduce unemployment and said, “Government does not create jobs. “ Obama denied and said,  ‘I believe in risk takers being rewarded… but I believe that everyone should have a fair shot.’  He said that Romney was out of touch with what the US public wanted, as the latter had said that 47 percent of Americans as ‘victims’ dependent on government.

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Will Mitt Romney be like George W. Bush ?

The exasperation of having George W. Bush as president had peeved many as they voted for President Obama in 2008. An audience member asked Mitt Romney how he planned to distinguish himself from the last Repulic President George W. Bush. Romney said that he would balance the budget and achieve energy independence  for North America. He added, “I will be tough on China’. Obama  pointed out that Romney had invested in companies that were pioneers of outsourcing to China.  The President reminded the people of United States that this Republican would imitate Bush’s economic policies which were the reason for the US to reach tragic state of affairs in the first place.

Second Presidential Debate Pictures


Obama angry with Mitt Romney

Second Presidential Debate Video

This is an excerpt of the debate.

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