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Shannon Richardson arrested for sending Ricin laced letters to President Obama, Mayor

Shannon Richardson, the actress, now in the news for ricin letters sent to President Barack Obama, goes by other names like  Shannon Guess (last name belongs to her ex-husband) and Shannon Roggers (her birth name). Born on August 31, 1977, this 35 year old actress is known for minor roles in movies like The Walking Dead, Franklin and Bash and Vampire Diaries.

Shannon married three times since October 8, 2011 to Nathan Richardson, a US Army veteran who works as a car mechanic. In May 2013, when she was going through a divorce with Nathan,  Shannon called the cops and accused her husband of mailing ricin to politicians.  Richardson told the police that his wife had set him up.  Investigators also found that Shannon sent the ricin herself in a bid to get the police arrest her estranged husband.

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Shannon Richardson has 5 sons, aged between 4 and 19 and all are fathered by men other than Richardson.  She is pregnant with her sixth child. Her oldest son Brandon Guess,  said that her mother was getting paranoid that she was being poisoned with ricin by her present husband.

The actress  living in New Boston, Texas; was arrested on June 7, 2013 for sending letter mixed with ricin to President Barack Obama and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.  She was also charged on the same day for sending a threatening letter to the President. On June 8, 2013; Shannon Richardson confessed that she had indeed mailed the three letters, fully aware that they contained ricin to eminent politicians, including President Barack Obama.

Shannon Richardson also donated her bone marrow in 2011 to save a young girl suffering from leukemia.

Ricin derived from castor oil plant, is a highly toxic chemical, found occurring naturally in the carbohydrate binding protein called lectins. Dosage in the quantity of a few grams of table salt is enough to kill a healthy human being.  The median lethal dose (dose required to kill half the members of a sample group) is 22 micrograms per kilogram

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