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Short Hair Styles for Women

They say that long, beautiful tresses are the crowning glory of a woman, but with different types of short hair styles, short hair can be a source of pride as well. Indeed, short hair style is the trend these days with many celebrities sporting it, hence, influencing a significant number of people to go short as well. Women can be hip, sassy and elegant with various short hair styles to choose from. More and more women are going short because it allows them to be playful, sexy and stylish in no time. A short hair style is easier to maintain too, that is why it has become very popular.

Going short is a great way to spice up one’s look, but the style should be chosen wisely because not all short hair styles will suit every woman. The right style should match the woman’s facial shape, hair type, texture and personality. She should also be able to maintain it and care for it accordingly.

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Different Types of Short Hair Styles for Women

It is a good thing that there are numerous short hair styles from which one can choose, since a particular type of haircut may be suitable for some women but not for others.

  • Pixie

This hair style is really short, usually with short and layered bangs, and completely exposes the ears and neck. Pixie is great for those with very thin hair who want to look young and playful. This is not recommended for women with thick hair.

  • Bob

Bob creates a mature and elegant look and can be worn with or without bangs. It is shorter on the back with some styles having the hair on one side of the face a bit longer than the other. Women with thick and straight or curly hair will look good in bob hairstyles.

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  • Layered cut

This short hair style features layers of hair cut at different lengths from the level of the eyes flowing down the hair’s length. Straight and curly haired women can wear the short layered cut hair style. A straight layered cut creates a sophisticated look, while adding some curls will make it look more romantic and casual.

  • Blunt cut

Short blunt cut features a short same-length cut under the ears around the head. Women who have straight or curly, thick and coarse hair can wear the blunt cut short hair style.

  • Short afro

Short afro is like the pixie hair style without bangs and works only for curly hair. This hair style can create a casual or dramatic look.

Tips in Choosing the Right Short Hair Style

As there are different types of short hair styles, choosing the right one is necessary to enhance one’s beauty.  The right hair style compliments the shape of the face, so it is important to pick the hair style the suits a particular facial shape. Oval-faced individuals have plenty of options, while square-faced women will look good in layered haircuts with choppy ends and curls. A layered cut under the chin is great for round faces, whereas the bob works well for oblong faces. The right short hair style should also suit one’s hair type and texture as well as her commitment to maintain it to keep it healthy and fabulous.

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