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Space Shuttle Endeavour – Pictures, Arrives in Los Angeles

Here are  Space Shuttle Endeavour pictures, as the famous space shuttle  flew perched on Boeing 747 from Sacramento to Los Angeles.  People were awestruck, captured the moment in their cameras as the space craft flew across state Capitol, along Hollywood to Disneyland, as it flew across the Bay Skies.

The shuttle remains housed at a United Airlines hangar at the aiport till October 12, after which it will commence a 2 day journey across Inglewood and Los Angeles to its new home at Samuel Oschin display pavilion at the science center.

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Space shuttle Endeavour is famous as the fifth and the final NASA space shuttle to be built. It has orbited around Earth 25 times.  Endeavour was built as a replacement for Challenger  and first took off in May 1992 on the mission STS-49. The last mission was STS-134 on May 2011. Though STS-134 was supposed to be the final mission in the  space shuttle program but STS-135 was authorized to make Atlantis the last space shuttle.

Challenger which was destroyed,  broken up mid-flight in the second minute of its tenth mission in STS-51-L launch in 1986.  Endeavour now has its 26th mission – a 12 mile journey through Los Angeles streets to its new retirement home in a museum. Crew over the weekend unbolted the shuttle from the 747 jumbo jet and put the successful space shuttle on a flatbed trailer.

The event was not dogged without its fair share of controversy, residents along the route thad taken objection to cutting down of some 400 trees to make space for the five storey high shuttle that has a 78 foot wingspan. But on Friday, when Endeavour actually flew from state Capitol paste the Hollywood sign, star struck or should we say, shuttle struck people pointed their cameras and cellphones and began clicking pictures and shooting videos of the shuttle riding piggyback on top of a 747 jumbo jet. The cost of shipping and handling the space shuttle is $28 million, the cost to be borne by the science center.

The road trip in early October to the California Science Center has been billed as a parade, but some residents along the route have objected to the cutting down of some 400 trees to make room for the five-story-high shuttle with a 78-foot wingspan.“It was like being in Times Square for the millennium,” said Blue Fier, a college photography professor. “This is right up there. It was pretty cool.”

Space Shuttle Endeavour Pictures

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