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Sweetest Day – History, Ideas

The Sweetest Day is said to be the second most romantic day, after Valentine’s Day.  It is celebrated on the third Saturday of October and is celebrated only in certain states of the Midwest like Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.

Sweetest Day is actually a day to celebrate those who feel forgotten or are out of touch. For instance, you can have a high school reunion or meet with a good friend whom you have lost touch with on this day.

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The history of this day is such that in 1922, an employee of Cleveland candy store, Birch Kingston though of sharing some sweets with orphans and elderly who were confined to their houses.  The other Cleveland candy makers decided to do the same, and began doling out heaps and boxes of candies as charity. The ‘candy flavor’ of this day became famous as the Sweetest Day.

The day gained popularity when movie stars began endorsing the day during the 1930s by offering  sweet treats to theater-goes, hospital patients, vendors and paper boys in Cleveland. American Greetings recently conducted a survey in which it found that 44 percent of people believe that Sweetest day is a creation by card companies to cash on Valentine’s Day.

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Sweetest Day Ideas

Apart from sending personalized cards online or in person, you could gift that special person exciting souvenirs, chocolates, photo frames, soft toys,  t-shirts, cups, vase, bracelet, figurines, keepsakes, paintings, pillows and many things that can make the person remember you. Just be imaginative and show your love to that special person.

Sweetest Day Pictures

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