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Tanya Streeter – ‘Breath taking’ Beauty

Tanya Streeter is a British world free-diver champion. She was born in 1973 in Grand Cayman and was inducted to the Women Diver’s hall of fame in the year 2000. She beat the men’s record by holding the world record of “no limits free diving” with a depth of 160 m which still remains. She attended the Independent Girls School at the Brighton University. She married her husband Paul Streeter in England and moved to Cayman Islands with him.

In 2008, after giving birth to her daughter she retired and now lives with her family in Texas. She started freediving at the age of 25 and in no time broke records. Her first achievement was in 1998 when she broke Deborah Andollo’s record by 10 feet. After being inducted to the Women Diver’s Hall of Fame in the year 2000 she broke men’s no limit world record. The following year she broke the Men’s Variable Weight world record which was broken a year later by Carlos Coste.

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The 5 feet 7 inch tall woman with an athletic body,  has featured various TV shows and documentaries. One of her famous documentaries is BBC’s Shark Therapy where she is shown overcoming her fear of sharks. She is also a famous public speaker. She has time and again confirmed her status by breaking both Men’s and Women’s records. She has set an example of overcoming human’s physical limits as she stood extremes of lactic acid and gases like carbon dioxide by holding breath longer than the normal limit. Like most divers she doesn’t use the liftbag to return from depths and has naturally trained her body to get over all obstacles. Critics are of the opinion that Streeter has redefined all the boundaries of freediving. She is extremely fond of the Turks and Caicos Islands as it is the place where she has got one of the best trainings with the safest assistance and ideal atmosphere.

Most of the people would not be able to hold their breath for more than 35 to 40 seconds but Streetman can do it for more than 6 minutes. Her abilities manifest superhuman strength and fitness. She has also expressed her objection towards the press’s interest in showing the glamour and sex appeal of women associated with such activities who might not even live the next day. She goes though extraordinary intensive training in Liverpool, England at the centre for diving medicine. She puts herself in a specially tailored tank to help stimulate her diving pressure. Another world class free diver Frederique, accompanies her in the tank for safety enhancement.  The test dive target is 100 m but stops at 80 m as the pain is even beyond Frederique’s threshold.

Tanya Streeter has never been hesitant about sharing her training regimes even after having so many competitors. She always focuses on overcoming the limits and turning pain into pleasure. Apart from diving training she does strength exercises, and gives a lot of importance to the right and controlled breathing.

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Tanya Streeter – Pictures

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