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Titanic Grand Staircase

The grand staircase of the Titanic was the entry point of the first class passengers to the Titanic. It contained a large ornate staircase, which was positioned in the first class section of the Titanic White Star Liner. The staircase has been used by submersibles as they gain entry to the wreckage of the ship since it has today been left as large opening which offers easy entry to the ship’s inside.

There were two grand stairs on the Titanic ship, which were exclusively designed for the first class passengers to use for their entry into the vessel. The fore Grand Staircase originated from the Boat Deck and descended five levels to the D deck and had its unique appearance. To the D deck, the staircase attained its ordinary shape. There is no concrete information, which explains as to what happened to the Grand staircase during the sinking of Titanic.

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Details presented through photographs taken by Robert Ballard show that the steel structure of the staircase remains intact and the wood has probably been eaten by the sea microbes. What has been left is a large hole where submersibles and cameras gain access to the interiors of the Wreck. The aft of the grand staircase is believed to have been torn apart when the Titanic broke up before it sank. The debris found floating on the site where she sank is believed to be from the aft grand staircase.

The artistic work of the staircase continues to draw a lot of attention for many artists and they have been a focal point for most of the movies, which have been produced featuring the sinking of Titanic. The iron banister grillwork is said to have been an inspiration picked from the French court of Louis XIV.

Many movies have been done about Titanic sinking and almost all have featured the grand staircase. A movie produced in 1943 featured the staircase as a metaphor for the avarice of the American and British upper class. In the 1953 Jean Negulesco film, scenes of the grand staircase are also included on the movie. The 1997 Titanic movies also have a focal point for the fore grand staircase.

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Titanic Grand Staircase pictures

Here are pictures of Titanic Grand Staircase replica, the original and how it looks  underwater




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  1. carlos says:

    this is freaking awesome i feel the titanic in my blood and in my spirit the titanic was and still is the ship of dreams.

    • Ime says:

      These pictures are AMAZING and take my bretah away. Something about the Titanic really captures my heart. Even third class conditions were better then what most of those people were living in back home. Such a remarkable story and crazy how we are all still obsessed 100 years later!

  2. silvia says:

    If only the mahogany wood clock had survived, it must have been so bad to be in the grand staircase when it flooded especially when the opaque glass dome imploded on them all.

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