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Titanic Memorial Cruise Pictures, Video

As a commemoration for the Titanic sinking 100 years, a Titanic memorial cruise has been organized. The Ship MS Balmoral, smaller in size than Titanic but regal enough, set sail on April 8 from Southampton with 1309 passengers. It carried relatives of more than 1,500 people who died in the ship’s sinking as well as prominent historians and affluent people.

The Titanic cruise will traverse th same route as the original Titanic, though MS Balmoral left the Southampton port two days earlier. This is because the speed of the ship  is slower than Titanic.  This is a 12 night cruise to New York (which was the original destination point of Titanic) that also includes a visit to the North Atlantic, 375 miles south of Newfoundland.

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Passengers were seen in a cheerful mood as the ship set sail, with people dressed in the traditional clothes that were worn by first-class passengers and crew members in 1912. The meals that are served on the ship will be the same as the ones served in the ship with a royal dinner thrown on April 14 night, the last night for many passengers on the ship.

The Balmoral is managed by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, whose parent company, Harland and Wolff, built the Titanic in Belfast. Miles Morgan Travel, which are a known name in custom-prepared  holidays, has chartered the ship for the event. The tickets for MS Balmoral costs between 2799 pounds ($4,445)  and 5,995 pounds ($9,520). People from more than 28 countries are passengers on-board. At 11:40, there is a special memorial service that will be a tribute to the tragic moment when the Titanic hit the iceberg and then also at the precise moment when the ship went down.


Though the ship MS Balmoral left Southampton on the decided time, it reached Cobh,  situated on the southern area of County Cork, rather late, in the early evening instead of afternoon. This is because the voyage was wrought with bad weather and  raging seas.

The ship also had to turn back towards Ireland on Tuesday with a passenger contracting heart problems. The  On Late Monday night, the ship had left Cobh Port in Ireland,  and was having a tough time battling rough weather, when Captain Robert Bamberg announced on Tuesday afternoon that the ship will have to go back within helicopter range of Ireland so that the sick passenger can be evacuated.

Miles Morgan, managing director of Miles Morgan Travel which chartered the journey, confirmed the new and said the  ship would go back about 20 nautical miles to get within helicopter range.”The passenger’s condition is not thought to be life-threatening,” he said.

As of now, one is not sure that the ship would be able to reach the location on the exact time of the ship hitting the iceberg (at 11.40 pm, 14th April) and the ship’s sinking time(02:20 am, 15th April). Meanwhile a floor show performance has been cancelled due to bad weather and subsequent passenger safety.

Titanic Memorial Cruise Pictures

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Titanic Memorial Cruise 2012 video

Here is the video of MS Balmoral leaving the port

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