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 James Cameron, a Canadian director of considerable repute,  has been featured on the Movie news as one of the men who helped produced one of the most expensive and also most selling movies, the “Titanic”. The production of the movie was first set to cost $ 75 million. However, it costed close to $200 million and was noted to be the most expensive movie.

In 1994, ramous came across the media and internet depicting that Cameron was to participate in the production of a new movie known as “Titanic”. Apparently, by the time the rumors were spreading, Cameron had already begun the ground work on the production of the movie as early as 1992. Cameron had produced other movies such as the Terminator, Aliens, True lies and the Abyss.

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In the research work for the filming of the movie footages, Cameron decided to get actual wreckage film of the sunken Titanic. Titanic had sunk to the depth of over 12,480 feet, which is about 21/2 miles down to the ocean floor. The challenge that faced Cameron and his team in the production of the movie is that they had to take the live shots from the wreckage site. There were only five submersible crafts in the world that could go down to such depths in the ocean.

The Russian scientist’s director who was in charge of Keldysh submersible, Dr. Anatoly Sagalevitch declined from offering help for the team to use the craft to decent to the bottom of the sea and take the footages. Dr. Anatoly termed such an undertaking as a frivolous use of the research vessel. However, he later welcomed the request and the footage of the live filming of the Titanic began with the Cameron and his team.

Cameron himself dived to the wreckage site 16 times bringing some of the shocking footages that he used in the plotting, creating and production of the Movie Titanic. The starring of the movie were Leonardo DiCaprio who acted as Jack Dawson, the film’s hero and Kate Winslet who played as Rose Dewit Bukater. Titanic was debuted in November 1st 1997 at the Tokyo Film Festival and was opened to the public in December 19th the same year.

Titanic Movie Pictures

Here are some of the pictures from the movie Titanic

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