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Titanic wreck was actually discovered on September 1, 1985 when a joint American-French team led byby Jean-Louis Michel (Ifremer) and Dr. Robert Ballard (WHOI), found it out using the side-scan sonar from the research vessels Knorr and Le Suroit. The wreck was found at 4 kilometers or 2.5 miles deep, 600 km (370 miles) to the sout east of Mistaken Point, Newfoundland.

The ship was split apart, the stem section found lying 600 meters or 1,970 feet away from the bow section, facing opposite sides. The ship had fallen with such thud to depths, that the streamlined bow tilted 2,000 ft (610 m) below the surface and slowed somewhat, landing somewhat gently. The stern nosedived violently to the ocean floor, the hull torn apart along the way due to huge implosions caused due to compression of water tight compartments inside the ship. The stern smashed into the ocean-floor with top speed, the hull burying into the soil.

Close to 5500 artifacts were removed from the wreck, a large amount of debris were furniture, personal items, dinnerware and pieces of ship dispersed and gathered over 2 square miles or 5.2 kilometers

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