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Titanic was the biggest passenger steamship in the world in its time.  The ‘unsinkable’ which took 1517 people down with it was called ‘Royal Mail Ship RMS Titanic’ owned by the White Star Line and constructed at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Ireland, UK.

On board, when it set sail for New York City on April 10, 1912, there were 2,223 people on board. The ship hit the ice-berg at 11:40 pm (UTC-3) on 14 April 1912, and sank at 2:20 am on the morning of 15 April. The ship actually did not collide head-on or sail into the ice-berg but suffered a glance blow while trying to avoid it.  One of the biggest reasons why so many people died due to drowning was that the ship carried lifeboats only for 1,178 people.

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