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Years after the sinking of Titanic, she remained undiscovered with numerous attempts done but all in vain. However, the first successful attempt to locate the Titanic wreck was in 1985. A French and American expedition team, which was headed by Jean Louis Michel and Dr. Robert Ballard, helped in the discovery of the resting point of the Titanic wreckage. The wreck was located some 13 miles from it originally thought resting position.

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It was located at a depth of 2.4 miles, which was more than 370 miles from the earlier thought point. The ship was located using side scan sonar camera that was mounted on Knorr vessel. The ship had split apart during its sinking and the bow was found 1,970 feet far from the stern and it faces the opposite direction. The bow is said to be in much better shape than the stern. In addition, the bow is embedded about 60feet into the ocean silt floor.

There have been many artifacts discovered on the Titanic, which include human remains, personal items, electronic gadgets, clothes, shoes, wood furniture and carpet. The wood has been devoured by the sea organism while the steel and metal structures continue to corrode making the wreckage weaker. Over 6000 artifacts have been discovered from the wreckage site and these have been preserved in museums.

The ship’s whistle is one of the artifacts discovered from the wreck in 1992. Most of the Wreck’s artifacts are displayed at the National Maritime Museum in England at Greenwich. The condition of the Titanic Wreck is said to be deteriorating due to the adverse conditions found on the sea. The salty water and the underwater microorganisms have adversely consumed a better part of the materials used in constructing the ship such as the wood and metal.

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The ship is very unstable and the tourists’ activities are further threatening the collapse of the wreck. It is estimated that the Wreck may eventually collapse to the sea floor within the next 50years. Most of the wood such as the crow’s nest and the mast have already deteriorated badly and may collapse soon.

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