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Valeria Lukyanova Barbie doll pictures


Valeria Lukyanova Barbie doll pictures make some believe that she has done plastic surgery to get that look.   The Ukranian model is being equated to being the real-life human Barbine. With big liquid eyes, tiny waste, prominent bosom and straight length platinum blond hair, she is known to have features which can be close to the Barbie doll, if not identical.  It is learnt that the 21 year old girl actually did plastic surgery to get the real-life Barbie look.

However, her detractors say that Valeria Lukyanova is a photoshop product.  Let us look at some pictures of Valeria Lukyanova without makeup, the before Barbie pictures as someone would say.

Valeria Lukyanova without makeup pictures

Valeria Lukyanova before after pictures ( plastic surgery)

Valeria Lukyanova as Real Life Barbie Photos

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