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Victoria Pendleton wins Gold at Olympics 2012 – Pictures

The beautiful Victoria Pendleton, 31, broke her own record  in women’s sprint at the London Olympics 2012 to win a gold medal at the Keirin. The Keirin is motor-paced cycle racing in which track cyclists sprint for the win following a speed-controlled start behind a pacer

Victoria Pendleton has nine world titles including 6 records in the individual sprint competition.  She is both the World Champion as well as the Olympic champion in the sprint.  She is also known to model for hair-care products.

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Pendleton in London Olympics 2012 had bad day on Thursday, when she and Jess Varnish were disqualified from the women’s sprint team for wrong changeover.  They made no mistake for this time and Victoria Pendleton turned victorious as she went on to win gold as she cruised past her rival, Anna Meares of Australia.

‘I can barely believe it right now. I was so focused, it was so hard. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me get here, the crowd have been fantastic,” said the 31-year-old from Stotfold, who is set to retire after the London Games. “”I didn’t look for their race, I just raced my own. My legs were good from last night and I still wanted to really show what I’ve got and it worked out okay, I guess. ”

Victoria pendleton pictures

Here are the pictures of Victoria Pendleton winning gold at Olympics 2012 and other hot pictures.

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  1. Steve r says:

    I grew up in stotfold and lived there pretty much my whole is it that I never heard about victoria Pendleton until the Olympics was going on.with it being a very small town you would have thought that the success she had before the London Olympics would be talk of the town.we are lucky enough to have a gold post box now and a re-named cycle track in her honour.shame we didn’t get behind her from the beginning instead of at the end of her career

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