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Was Princess Diana Murdered ?

Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997 due to the injuries sustained in a fatal car accident in Pont De L’alma tunnel in Central Paris in France. Princess Diana’s boyfriend, Dodi Fayed (who was the son of the Egyptian billionaire, Mohammed Al Fayed and the driver of the limousine, Henri Paul also died at the spot. Even after a decade of this tragic accident, speculations are on whether Princess Diana was murdered or it was just an accident. The official investigations by French government did conclude that it was an accident caused due to the negligent driving of the drunken limo driver, Henri Paul and Papparazi who were continuously chasing them on the streets of Paris to click pictures of that time famous and most controversial couple, Diana and Dodi Fayed. However, there were many theories which were unearthed immediately after the incident which mainly indicated that the accident was scripted and it was a murder.

Princess Diana believed that she would be murdered by ‘an accident’

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It is speculated that Princess Diana was killed by the Royal Family assisted by British Intelligence Service. Ever since the accident occurred, Dodi’s father, Mohammed Al Fayed till date had refused to believe that it was a car accident. According to him, the agents of MI6, British Intelligence Service was mainly involved in the accident. He said that a member of MI6 was present in the accident spot. He also said that a mysterious vehicle, White Fiat Uno was used to block the path of the limo, ultimately forcing the vehicle to collide with the pillar. According to him, the blood sample of the limo driver was exchanged before forensic test and that the recordings of the closed circuit cameras in the tunnel were tampered. In October, 2003, Daily Mirror published a letter which was written by Diana ten months before her death that her husband is plotting to kill her by planning an accident. However, none of his claims made by Mohammed Al Fayed and publications stood up when the enquiry was conducted.

Other conspiracy theories

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There are other theories which suggest that the incident could be a murder. Few people are of the view that the real target was Dodi Al-Fayed and Diana’s death was incidental in this. It is believed that enemies of Mohammed Al Fayed have orchestrated the incident to kill his son Dodi Fayed. However, this speculation appears to be vague and carries no value. Few people also believe that Diana herself might have designed a plot of this accident so that she can escape with her wealthy boyfriend and live a life away from public. This speculation is also hard to believe as the post mortem of the bodies did reveal that they belong to Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed.

Of all the controversies surrounding the incident, a government enquiry was held which was supervised by Sir John Stevens at a cost of GBP 4 million. The investigation report suggested that it was a tragic accident; however, people still believe that it was a conspiracy. The person who strongly opposed the report was Mohammed Al-Fayed, who thrashed the report saying that Lord Stevens have written what he was asked to do by the government and intelligence agencies.

In 2016, her royalty protection officer and her trusted confidante and close friend Ken Wharfe, came out with a tell-all memoir called  Diana – A Closely Guarded Secret.

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