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Wasp Sting – What do they look like (Pictures)


Wasp sting can prove to be dangerous if proper care is not taken immediately after it bites human beings. Hence, it is very important to understand how does a wasp sting looks like. There are varieties of wasps available around the globe. Some common types of wasps available include paper wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, etc. Understanding the physical structure of wasps can be challenging as to a layman, they look similar to bees. Following tips can prove to be useful in distinguishing them from bees.

Let’s first look into the body structures of wasps. When wasps fly, their two long legs keep on hanging which is not the case with bees. When bees fly, their legs disappear. After watching they take off, watch their landing closely. If the wings of the insect rest along the body, then for sure it is a wasp. Wasps also have a thinner waist than bees. However, the level of thickness varies from one wasp to another. As against the short and fuzzy hairs of bees, wasps have relatively sleek and shiny hair.

Having understanding their body features, let’s try to find out how different they are from bees in terms of color. Wasps appear in black and yellow stripes or in a brown red color patter. Bees in general have a white color with different patterns. If the insect has a brown, red and yellow color pattern, then it is more likely a paper wasp. Another way to differentiate them is by their size. A hornet on an average is around 1.8cm in length compared to yellow jackets.

Wasps stings can cause toxic reactions in the body due to which people may feel fever, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, convulsions and they also cause rashes in the skin. Identifying them and preventing them to bite you may avoid these kind of complications.

Wasp Sting Pictures

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