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Xbox One – Price, Release Date, Pictures

It is rumored that the price of Xbox One is  £399 with the release date being on November 30, 2013. This was disclosed by Zavvi, which is an online retailer that will be selling these consoles.

Microsoft has revealed the look of their new Xbox One game console which is set to go on sale later this year. The company revealed the latest of the Xbox family of game consoles, alongside its new Kinect sensor, and the redesigned gamepad. The company has revealed an all in one system, which includes voice and gesture control, which will give complete functionality for live TV, games, music, movies, and internet accessibility.

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Although the Entertainment and Devices Division accounted for $9.6 billion, which was 13% of Microsoft’s sales revenue in the last financial year, the importance of such a launch should not be understated. The fact that Microsoft is facing stiff challenges in the computing and mobile phone software spheres makes the Xbox One a core strategy of taking over the entertainment market. With this gadget, Microsoft will be able to stand apart from Apple, Google, and other firms in the computing and mobile phone industry.

Xbox One Features – What is New  ?

Microsoft has added a Blu-Ray optical disc drive in the new Xbox One, and they have also included Skype functionality in the console. They have also upgraded the Camera on the Kinect sensor, to a 1080p HD resolution.  The new sensor will be able to interpret body movement easily, thereby allowing for the better control of game characters. The company claims that the camera can read your heartbeat when you are exercising, a superior feat.

The new features added to the Xbox One will enable users to record game play for easy upload to the internet. One of the first companies to start making games for the Xbox One is EA games. They have developed FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, NBA Live 14, and UFC. The games will be launched within the next 12 months and will be using a new game engine aptly named Ignite. Microsoft has said that the new console will be able to interpret data at four times the speed of the Xbox 360, and have up to 10 times more detail and animation depth. Other companies that have taken the opportunity to announce new games for the Xbox One include Activision, the developers of Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Ubisoft, who have said they will develop two games; Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The CEO of Ubisoft, in an interview for the BBC, was quoted as saying that he was excited by the opportunities provided by the new console, and that it would reinvigorate the Industry. He says that the improvements is unprecedented, and game developers would have to take some time to figure out how to optimize their games to best make use of the new features of the console.

Entertainment features

During the launch, Microsoft concentrated a lot on the non-gaming features of the console. These included the ability to make video calls via Skype, bring up live TV and online movie through voice commands, and the ability to run many applications without any drop in its performance. The company also promoted a live-action TV series which is based on their Halo game franchise. The movie is employing Steven Spielberg as its director, and will include tied-in interactive content that would be exclusive to Xbox One.

According to Brian Crecente, The News editor at games site Polygon, Microsoft is approaching entertainment in a much different manner from that of its competitors, Nintendo and Sony. Nintendo tends to ignore the need to integrate television with other forms of entertainment, while Sony seems willing to do the opposite and share. However, Microsoft is blurring the line between various entertainment channels, enabling users to switch from one form to the next as simply as one would switch between TV channels. This would make the Xbox One the single jumping off point for all modes of entertainment.

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There are murmurs of a deal between Microsoft and the NFL, which would allow Xbox One users to get statistics, get replays on their favorite team games, amongst other information which would make the Xbox One very popular in the American domestic consumer market. The company is looking for ways to use such a deal to make the Xbox One popular with overseas consumers.

Revolutionary changes

The competitor Sony is all set to release Playstation 4 by the end of this year in the UK. It is believed that they will set the price of PS 4 lower than Xbox One.  When most game developers are laying off staff in an effort to reduce costs, it was a revolutionary move for Microsoft to launch such an ambitious improvement to their Xbox Family of game consoles. The changes seem to provide new opportunities and challenges to game developers. Most of the developers want to redevelop their games to take advantage of the graphics power of the console, a move that may double the development costs that were incurred when Xbox 360 and PS3 were launched. However, these costs will be mitigated to a large extent given that players are bound to migrate to the Xbox One, thereby providing income to the developer on an unprecedented level.

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