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Xbox One – Specs, Negative Points, Pictures

Microsoft, on May 21st 2103, announced the release of the New Xbox One game console. The console, set to compete with Sony Playstation4 and Nintendo Wii U, is the third generation in the Xbox game console series. This console has hardware that is compatible with the x86-64 instruction set making it very similar to the Playstation4. Xbox One comes with several added features to increase the user experience. These include voice and motion control, Skype connectivity, and TV integration. These new features are technologically advanced, beyond any hardware improvements. This is the first of the Xbox series to have an 8 GB DDR3 high-performance unified memory, and a Blu-Ray optical disc drive. The developer kit for the Xbox one was aptly named Durango.

Technical Specs of Xbox One

Kinect – This is one of the most talked-about features of the new Xbox One. This is a feature that is voice activated and can be used to wake up the device, or make it change modes. The original Kinect featured a VGA camera which limited its operation, but the Xbox One is fitted with a 1080p camera which allows it to interpret visual data better. The camera uses time-of-flight to interpret RGB depth data, which is a major improvement from the light coding technology that was used in the original Kinect. The new motion controller will be able to read the environment better, thanks to its ability to process up to 2 GB of data at any one time. Although one may not need to use the microphone, it will have to be connected to the console in order for it to work. The microphone will always be turned on. However, the player has full control of Kinect, and can easily turn it off even if the sensor is still connected to the console.

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Media inter-connectivity – One can easily switch between using the TV, listening to music, or browsing the internet.

Controller – There has not been much deviation from the controller found on the Xbox 360. However, there are some changes that have been incorporated into the four-way directional pad. The pad has a smaller battery compartment, new start and back buttons, whose additional features were not announced at the event. They have also added independent rumble motors, impulse triggers which allow the player to sense directional vibration. Whenever you fire a weapon, the trigger will vibrate, and you can also configure the other one to give you the direction from which a weapon is being fired at you.

Operating Systems – Microsoft have developed an OS that will allow the Xbox One to integrate the Xbox OS and Windows Kernel.

Set-top box incorporation – In a manner similar to that employed by Google TV, the Xbox One will be able to overlay a television set. By using the signal from a cable box, the Xbox One will be able to pass the signal to the TV through a HDMI connection, and overlay the channel with its user interface.


The APU of the Xbox One has an eight x86-64 core. It will have a bandwidth of 68.3 GB/s, thanks to the 8GB, DDR3 RAM. It is the first of the Xbox series to have a Blu-Ray disc drive and a non-replaceable 500 GB hard drive. The 8 GB RAM will be divided into 3 GB for applications and OS data, and 5 GB for playing games. This is a device that will be able to show an outstanding 3840×2160 pixels in video. One drawback is the fact that the unit will be unable to output component or composite video. The unit also features a 7.1 surround sound system. Some further drawbacks include the fact that the console will not work unless the Kinect motion sensor is connected. Since the GPU was built on AMD GCN architecture, it contains 12 computing units, totaling to 768 cores, which give the GPU a performance of 1.23 TFLOPS.


When it comes to playing games, the Xbox One has a major drawback. This is the fact that it is not backward compatible with the Xbox 360 since their cores are based on different architecture. You will need an Xbox Live account in order to play games. However, if you have older games, you can have a game disc installed allowing you to play the games on multiple consoles. You can also have the games console unlocked to allow you to play games from a different live account. This unlocking will cost you a certain fee which was not announced at the release. The restrictions put on the ability to play older games have brought a lot of dismay to Xbox enthusiasts. The strict requirements of the Kinect feature are also a source of concern to the fans. Xbox game manufacturers are already developing new games to be played on the Xbox One due to the problem of non-compatibility between Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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Xbox One Pictures

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