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XYY Syndrome Pictures

XYY syndrome occurs when a person has a spare Y chromosome. This primarily affects the male population who must only have one X and one Y chromosome. Males with a surplus of Y chromosome have a tall and skinny stature. It is also noted that most of the affected individuals suffer from severe bouts of acne during their adolescence, are quite aggressive and are slow learners.

The XYY syndrome is known by various names such as YY syndrome, Jacobs syndrome, XYY Karyotype and 47, XYY. The syndrome may not cause major problems on the person’s physique, but it does increase the risk of having social and mental issues.

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What causes XYY syndrome?

People normally have 46 chromosomes, and males have one pair consisting of the X and Y chromosome. A person suffering from XYY syndrome has an extra Y chromosome. This occurs when an error happens during chromosome separation during fertilization. The error may have also occurred during cell division of the developing embryo.

The syndrome is said to affect 1 out of 1000 male births and will less likely occur on the couple’s next child. XYY syndrome is considered rare, but it could be slightly more frequent than what experts think considering that the syndrome is asymptomatic and many cases often go undiagnosed.

 XYY syndrome symptoms  

Men with XYY syndrome display different symptoms with some being able to live normal lives. However, some may suffer from some such issues as:

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  • Severe bouts of acne
  • An average of 7cm taller than their peers
  • Skinny and lacks muscle coordination
  • Lower sperm count and infertility
  • Lower IQ level
  • Delayed or impaired learning and speech development
  • Hyperactive or overly aggressive

How does treatment help people with XYY syndrome?

Due to the asymptomatic nature of XYY syndrome, its diagnosis can be tricky. But chromosome studies done on the blood or skin help diagnose the condition. There is no specific treatment method for XYY syndrome, but the doctors aid sufferers by treating the accompanying symptoms. Those with the condition may undergo physical and occupational therapy and treatment for severe acne breakouts.

XYY syndrome pictures


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