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Best Windows Spy Software for Employee Surveillance – TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is one of the most trusted and feature-rich software for employee monitoring. It enables employers to keep a check on activities performed by workers inside and outside the workplace.  In this article, we are going to explain the best windows spy software. The software allows tracking and controlling company-owned computer devices without access.

However, physical access is required to install the software on the targeted Windows computer. Read on to know about features, compatibility, and price of the spy app for pc.

Employee Tracker for Windows PC is the Best Windows Spy Software 

The high-tech surveillance software of TOS allows watching out activities performed on the targeted Windows computer. The software enables employers to keep a check on the performance of employees during duty hours. It helps to boost the productivity of staff by preventing them from unnecessary and malicious activities such as harassments and illegal data transfer.

Best Windows Spy Software

The employee tracker software lets you track and control the targeted device via web portal. By logging into the online portal, the end-user can access data synced from the targeted computer. Read on to know about most beneficial features of the surveillance software for businesses.

Real-Time Screen Recording

What if you could see what your workers are doing on their computers? The employee surveillance software lets you check out the work progress of your staff by keeping an eye on their screens. The end-user can send remote commands to the targeted computer device to start recording the screen.

Furthermore,  It captures whatever appears on the computer screen including videos, documents, images, social media sites and websites. The employers can find out what their workers are watching, typing or searching on their devices and It also records all online and offline activities of suspicious workers.


The tracker lets you take screenshots by remote controlling the targeted Windows computer through the web portal. The end-user of the surveillance software can keep an eye on the working of workers by getting their screens captured with a specific interval.

The spy app can capture screenshots with a minimum interval of 3 seconds.

Keylogger, the Best Windows Spy Software 

The passwords of online accounts operated on company-owned devices are of great importance. The surveillance software provides access to the passwords applied to the targeted computing device.

It records passwords, usernames, email addresses and data entered through keystrokes. Anyhow, the end-user of the software can access all key logs right from the online portal of TOS.


Do you know what your employees talk about behind you? You can listen to all the gossips made by your workers during the duty hours by installing the best windows spy software. On the other hand, you can also prevent them from harassing and discrimination by getting their voice recorded.

Secondly, the spyware solution allows listening and recording conversations of employees by turning on a microphone of their monitored computers. In results,  you can send remote commands via an online control panel to record surrounding sounds and voices.

Camera Bug

As well as listening to conversations of workers, you can also witness their actions by turning on cameras. More importantly, the software lets you turn on primary and secondary cameras of the targeted computer device to watch out and record surrounding scenes.

So, you can capture the real-time activities of workers by taking photos or making videos.

Monitor Traveling Workers

As in the above-given details, we have explained about the best windows spy software. You can keep tabs on traveling workers by monitoring their whereabouts. However, tracking software helps to prevent employees from personal tours.

It shows the current GPS location of their monitored devices as well as showing a route map.

Supervise Internet Usage

The surveillance software can prevent workers from misuse of the internet by tracking the internet browsing history of company-owned Windows computers.

Consequently, employers can find out which websites their workers visit and how frequently. But, If they find them visiting unproductive and unwanted websites, they can block access to those sites.

Website Blocking

The software allows managing the internet use of workers by blocking websites through the online control panel.  Moreover, The end-user can block a website by putting URL to blocked websites.

The software also allows filtering websites by category or keywords.

Compatibility & Pricing

TheOneSpy tracking software is compatible with personal computers running Windows 7, 8 and 10. The supported computer brands include Dell, Acer, HP, Samsung, LG, and Sony.

The price of the Windows spy software varies with the subscription period. For instance, a one-month subscription of software is priced at $40, whereas, 3-month subscription costs around $60.

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