Celebrities who made yoga asana part of life-content with pictures

Celebrities who made yoga asana part of life

Get inspired by celebrities who made yoga the ultimate part of their daily life schedule

Yoga is the best way to keep balance and stay fit in this hectic life schedule of ours. Generally, all we people are going through the same problems as fatigue, stress, workload, improper timing of working hours. These things are affecting our lifestyle very badly as result we are so prone to get very harmful diseases such as obesity, muscle pain, hypertension, anxiety (so common nowadays), diabetes, restlessness, and many more. If these diseases are diagnosed in early stages then, can be treated through some most effective yoga asana, has been proved in many research.

Although, if you ask any celebrities, they will admit how fitness and physique are important for them to sustain in the film or television industry. Before a period of time celebs merely preferred doing exercises like gym, heavy workout, running on trade meal, etc. but today these celebs are including yoga as their fitness exercise. And often seen while posting their poses during yoga asana on social networking sites. Let us know the celebrities who are making a way along with enjoying their fitness with yoga asana.

Celebrities who made yoga asana part of life1-content with pictures

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

ActorShilpa Shetty doesn’t need any introduction. She created a benchmark in the fitness world and quite popular for following yoga asana for a good physique.

If we talk about the role of yoga in her life, then it will not be wrong to saying so that “Yoga” is her fitness regimen.  She has been practicing yoga since 18 years ago to take relief from cervical spondylosis. A 44 years old fitness lover who practices yoga thrice a week, gives credit to her healthy and balanced life to yoga. In an interview during International Yoga Day, Shilpa tells how much she passionate about yoga and a good change in her life after starting yoga.

Yoga is a good mantra to stay fit, young and calm. And everyone can notice after watching Shilpa Shetty’s fitness. She is an appropriate example.

Lara Dutta

The former miss universe, Lara Dutta, has been practicing yoga for 12 years and still doing the same. During her pregnancy, she did not stop practicing yoga. Then, she started doing prenatal and postnatal yoga for fast recovery after giving birth to a child. Yoga also helps to relieve back pain while pregnant.  She loves to do yoga in order to begin yoga video on youtube and launched DVD with the name “Heal” for her followers.

Larra Duta is a Bollywood beauty and also a hot mom. She said in an interview that yoga has changed her life for a good cause. As well as she wants to explore awareness about the benefits of yoga for her viewers. You can also have great knowledge and practices of yoga through Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

There is another name in my list – A popular Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan. Like other actresses, she loves to keep herself fit, active, energetic, healthy and obviously well-shaped body. She looks yoga in her as a life-transforming thing that changed her life. This diva practices yoga for two hours minimum said in an interview. She also said, if I skip yoga asana for a day, it makes my day incomplete. This mommy has kept her in shape and looks stunning. She says, I also advise Saif to do yoga for great benefits.

Rani Mukherjee

I have another celebrity on the list who loses 20 kilograms weight. She apprises that it was only possible through my yoga and weight training. Now, she has toned and fit her body again after she comes back in movies.

Bipasha Basu

Last but not least Bipasha Basu on my list, if we call her fitness icon will not be wrong. She loves and admires yoga to a great extent. Included yoga asana along with other exercises in her fitness regime. She follows these exercises with her husband mostly on a daily basis.


All in all, I only took these celebrities because they all are above 39. These celebrities have made possible to remain in shape after reaching this stage of their life. Still, they look fabulous and radiant. They have beaten aging signs due to their healthy diet and proper exercises. These ladies are fitness freaks and even inspiring us to do so. You can also get back into shape after following the right daily schedule like these gorgeous actresses. You can also include yoga asana for mental peace in your life. Additionally, you can make a career in yoga with 300-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

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