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How to Hide Hair Extensions in Ponytail – Fast And Easy

A question asked frequently by some girls and women is: How to hide hair extensions in a ponytail? With just a little practice, it can be easily done.

Best way to hide extensions

The best way to hide extensions in ponytail is to make sure the cuticles are even with each other. That is, you want the hair to be as uniform as possible, with no gaps. If the ponytail is longer than three-quarters of an inch, you can go a step further by joining the extensions to the base with hair glue or hairspray glue.

Find Hair Extensions

People are always wondering how to hide hair extensions in ponytails. You may be as baffled about this subject as they are. Hair extension kits are now easy to buy online and in salons. It used to be that you had to come to a salon with your ponytail, and a wax and some of the ingredients that you wanted to use. That is no longer necessary if you can find extensions online.

What to do with Hair Extensions

Once you know where to find the right extensions. It's time to figure out what you're going to do with them. If you are doing something that isn't completely natural, like a wedding or a shower, the use of extensions is not a great idea. Rather, you should be wearing them all the time. If you need to wear a ponytail for any length of time, this is the best option. If you will be wearing a ponytail for more than just one day, you may want to think about some other options.

Strength of Hair

You want to consider the strength of the hair that you want to use for the extension. As long as the extensions are gentle enough for the style you want, then they are safe to use. If you need to wear them for an extended period of time, look into stronger hair. It may be more difficult to get in than the light or thin hair that is available in stores. However, you can find it, it just may be more expensive. To find out more about how to hide hair extensions in ponytail, check out my website now. You can get a free consultation on how to use these products.

Hair spray and Glue

If you're not comfortable doing this, you can use a small amount of hairspray. It will cover up the glue lines, as well as any excess glue that might have been left on the extensions after they are removed. In addition, this will help to prevent over-application of the glue, which can result in unwanted Bobby pins and creases. The glue will dry but won't remove, from the hair until it has had a chance to completely air out.

Drying the Hair

In addition, your first step should be to dry your hair as thoroughly as possible before you try to secure the hair with the pins or the adhesive. This will not only help to ensure your hair remains manageable. This also will allow the hair glue to completely bond with the hair. You should let the glue dry for about 30 minutes, preferably in the sunlight if possible.

Time given for glue to dry

It's also important to note that, although the glue dries fast, it can still be damaged. If you are attempting to apply it to the hair, or hair is not properly dried. Therefore, it's important to wait at least two hours for the glue to fully dry. If the glue is too wet, it may be able to seep through the hair to the base of the extensions. Once it dries, use some more hairspray to fully dry the hair.

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Natural looking Hair Extension

After the glue has dried, your hair should be styled in a way that will minimize the appearance of the sleek hair extensions- in the same way as for natural looking hair. For example, most extensions are worn in ponytails, so don't style the hair excessively, or else it will become obvious that you've just added extensions.

Hair style with Hair Extensions

Use a plain ponytail for the first few weeks, but as the extensions begin to grow in, you'll be able to work them into the ponytail. This process will become easier and smoother as the extensions settle into your natural hairline. With practice, you can even be creative by tying your hair back for a more mature look, or tying it back in a bun or a fancy twist.

By doing this, you'll be reducing the volume of the extensions and keeping them in place without any visible gaps. The following weeks of wear will help to reinforce the attachment between the extensions and the ponytail.

Re-sealing of Hair Extensions

It's also a good idea to make a schedule for the ponytail and the extensions. They should never be worn for more than three to four weeks. If you do work them into the ponytail too much, they will end up separate, which means the extensions will need to be re-sealed.

You should also avoid wearing your hair extensions when you have visible blemishes on your scalp or when you're wearing hairpieces. Acne is particularly unappealing, so avoid extensions if you suffer from it.

Wigs or Tourpees

Wigs or toupees is also a no-no. Since you're simply covering the hairline. Hair Extensions should be used with natural hair. As such, it's best to leave them in their natural state until your natural hairline begins to look slightly unkempt.

Although there are many tricks that can be used to disguise these extensions, the best way to hide hair extensions in ponytail is to make sure the cuticles are even with each other. That is, you want the hair to be as uniform as possible, with no gaps.

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