Best Bibo 3D Printer Review

Bibo 3D Printer Review

Best 3D printing is one of the latest technologies. We cannot ignore the level of ease that 3D printing has provided us. 3D printing is the result of man’s constant research and eagerness to do advancement in the printing field. We cannot imagine the uses and pros of 3D printing. If we look around us, we come to know that 3D printing is used in educational, pharmaceutical, construction, art, and jewelry making, etc.

With time, the manufacturers are trying to add extra, useful, and advanced options to make them more efficient and accurate. Even the Bibo 3D printers that are used today are much efficient and generate good results. 3D printing was firstly used in prototyping and manufacturing. Its main function was to perform fast prototyping. This technique stayed successful, and now we can see how these gadgets have become the necessary parts of our lives.





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Best Bibo 3D Printer Review

Bibo 3D Printer Dual Extruder:

Bibo 3D printer dual extruder is also known as Bibo 2.There are certain key features of the Bibo  3D Printer Dual extruder. Some of them are discussed below.

It is not only used for mere 3D printing but also to do engraving. It can be used on light materials such as wood. It can print quickly and efficiently. Dual Extruder adds unimaginable strength to the 3D printer, which is the mainstream of the development in this field.

One of its important uses is, it prevents the bending of filament inside the transition tube. One working without Dual Extruder may lose his work in case of a power drop, but with the help of Dual Extruder, there is no need to worry about it. If you are a cosplay lover then you can also check top-rated 3D printers for cosplay.

Bibo 3D Printer Upgrades:

There are many upgrades to Bibo 3D Printer. Some of them are listed below:

  • Upgrade Long Distance Remote:

It used to replace the weak creality plastic extruder with all necessary screws and bolts.

By using this, you have a better, stronger pressure pushing the filament in the printing nozzle.

  • BMG Extruder Clone Dual Drive:

This product utilizes the internal gearing ratio of 3:1. By using this product, you can have a high-resolution print with a small nozzle and high-flow prints with a big nozzle.

  • Duet 2 Wifi, v1.04:

It is a powerful 32-bit processor that provides a WiFi connection instead of an ethernet connection. It comes with Molex compatible plugs, crimps, and ferrules for power and heater terminals.

Bibo 3D Printer User Manual:

The user manual of Bibo 3D Printer consists of:

  • Cautions
  • Hardware Installation
  • First Print
  • Function Introduction
  1. Some filament was not good winded on rolls in order by the filament. So, keep an eye on the filament roll and lose the filament if there is a knot. If not, you will see the base of the printed object is ok, but the top part is bad in Printing
  2.  When you hear extruder gear clicks and no filament comes out from the nozzle during printing, it may be caused by the filament being broken away into two pieces in the extruder. Some filaments have good hardness but too fragile. Now you should unload the filament out.

Bibo 3D Printer Parts:

Some important parts of the Bibo 3D printer are discussed below:

Tronxy v6:

It weighs about 3 grams and has a nozzle thread of M6. The size of its filament is 1.75mm.

Z-Axis Active Shaft Drive:

Its step angle is 1.8 degrees and a nominal voltage of 4.83 volts. The current it draws is 1.5 ampere. Its RPM (Revolution Per Minute) is 1-1000 rpm.

12/24 Volt 0.4mm all-metal clone:

It is the type of standard flow. Its nozzle diameter is 0.4mm and the filament diameter is 1.75 mm.

Bibo 3D Printer Troubleshooting:

The troubleshooting manual consists of:

  • Extruder Clogged
  • Cannot print with beeping
  • Dredge the clogged extruder new
  • Light Blinks
  • And many more.
  1. Do not leave the extruder heated for a long time, just stay with the printer for heating. The filament might decompose after leaving it at high temperatures, leaving a layer of contaminants behind in the hot-end nozzle, and the extruder will be clogged.
  2.  Choose a good and suitable filament for the printer. Usually, you can buy the filament from us. Bad filament with recycled material will let your extruder be easily clogged. Please also don’t try the filament not mentioned in the online shop’s product details, as they have more risk that the extruder is clogged. If you experience the clog repeatedly, please change another brand filament. This filament maybe not suitable for our printer, though may be suitable for other brand printers.

Bibo 3D Printer Laser Engraver:

Bibo 3D printers have many essential parts in which a prominent part is laser graver. Laser Engraver is an important part of Bibo 3D printers. Their description is as follows:

  • Full-screen technology with no threshold is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • It is very good at engraving objects like wood, plastic, leather, and rubber.
  • If the filament of the printer goes off, the machine will pause working unless you change the new spool.
  • It has an option of Wifi control, you can control the print functions by using a mobile phone or PC.
  • Its dual extruder technology enables you to print two different objects at the same time.

Bibo 3D Printer Software:

Software is necessary for hardware to perform efficiently. Having good software will let your hardware run smoothly and long lastingly. Bibo 3D printer provides you the opportunity to install that software that fits best for you. However, they provide you the configuration settings for Repetier, Cura, and Simplify 3D. The most recommended software from the users of these gadgets is Cura.

The only complaint that was received by many customers is about the complexity of setting up a wireless file transfer. You have to connect your 3D printer to a wireless network and install multiple software. A convenient way to transfer files is by using an SD card instead of a wireless transfer. But overall, it is an easy process.


Coming towards the specifications, we come to know that:

  • It has a dimension of 214 x 186 x 160 mm, which is decent but not very good.
  • You can print with a resolution ranging between 0.05 mm to 0.3 mm.
  • The maximum nozzle temperature can be 270 degrees celsius.
  • It is very precise.
  • It comes with two extruders with a nozzle diameter of 0.4 mm and 1.75 mm.
  • For file transfer, it has two methods, the first one is a wireless file transfer and the second option is an SD card or USB file transfer.
  • It has a print speed of 350 mm/sec, which is very swift.
  • It has a filament runout sensor which indicates its user when its filament goes off.


Its features include:

  • Laser Engraving:

It is used to engrave materials like rubber, wood, plastic, etc.

  • Powerful Cooling Fan:

It is equipped with two nozzle powerful cooling fans. One fan is in front of the machine and the other is at the back. The setting of the fan can be easily managed and it can be controlled anytime.

  • Dual Extruders:

They add unimaginable strength to a 3D printer. Now it is too easy to print in multiple colors with the help of dual extruders. Also, it prevents the bending of filament.

  • Full-Color Touch Display:

It has a 3D color touch display for helping its users.


  • It has a dual extruder.
  • You can print in multiple colors.
  • Its metal frame provides extra stability.
  • It has a removable glass bed.
  • It can support multiple filaments.


  • As we have discussed earlier, every product also has negative aspects as well. So the cons that were observed in Bibo 3D Printer were:
  • Its build space is not very large
  • You have to level the printing bed manually before starting the printing process.


Coming towards an end, we are certain that technology is progressing at a rapid rate and everyone in this world is enjoying the fantasies and beauties of technology. Technology is the only way through which the dreams and imaginations of many people are becoming true.

Here, a man should be wise enough to choose according to his needs and requirements. Buy the gadget, make the gadget, and make your dreams a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  My print is not stuck to the bed. How to solve this problem?

A: The solution to this problem is to apply more glue to the bed and let it dry.

Q: What is the printer’s warranty?

A: The printer’s warranty is from twelve months since shipping.

Q: Do you recommend replacing the parts on the BIBO 3D printer?

A: No, it is not recommended to replace the parts of your printer because it damages the other parts or may create a new problem.

Q: When I try to print large or tall models, the other nozzle not printing will knock the print. How to solve this problem?

A: This problem can be solved by tightening the three wing nuts under the bed or try heating the nozzle at 165 degrees celsius.

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