Top 5 Indian Wedding Flowers That Add Their Signature Charm

Top 5 Indian Wedding Flowers That Add Their Signature Charm

A wedding is a special time of couple’s life. It is a day on which they took a vow to live together with the blessings of their elders. Everyone wants to make this day memorable. So, the most important thing at a wedding is the decoration of the wedding venue. In this article, you will read the very precised and good information about top Indian wedding flowers.

Can you imagine Indian weddings without flowers? No, it’s impossible! Indian weddings are never complete without flowers. These beauties have a significant place in marriages. Flowers are not only to enhance the wedding decoration but also believed to be indication of luck & fortune.

If you are looking for wedding flowers for the decoration, then what is better than Indian wedding flowers? Right! Indian flowers are not only mere for decoration purposes, but it is also a tradition that is passing down the generations. These blooms are also an important part of the bride’s and groom’s wear.

Flowers are valuable to use for preparation in every aspect of the wedding i.e.; the decoration, hairstyle, and outfits also cannot forget the fragrances of these beauties. Many florist shops provide you a variety of flowers & also offer the online flower delivery in Chennai service.

Do you want to know about those Indian flowers without which your wedding could never be complete? If yes, then this article may help you as here we listed some popular Indian wedding flowers that add their charm to your celebration.

Here are some of the popular Indian flowers that add their signature charm in the wedding:

  1. Marigold

Marigold is the most popular flower & no Indian wedding can be complete without the presence of this flower. These flowers are available in bright orange, yellow, & gold colors & have a heavenly scent, which makes them ideal for weddings. The strands of the marigold are often seen in the entrance of wedding venues, mandaps, hairstyles, & vermalas. People believe that these flowers are the representative of the sun and radiate positive energy. There are various types of floral arrangements in marigolds that are present in the florists' shops so you can order the best one. And get it to your door using the online flower delivery in Mumbai and other parts of the region.

2. Rose

Roses are another favorite among the top Indian wedding flowers. You will often see these blooms in all hues and at wedding venues. Most people use these flowers for decoration purposes, hairstyles, perfumes, outfits, and bouquets. It is the most beautiful flower & also one of the most versatile Indian flowers used at weddings.

Also, red roses symbolize love and passion.  Brides usually carry beautiful bouquets of red roses, mostly in Christian weddings. The bride maids shower the red petals of those lovely flowers on the newlywed couples during the wedding ceremony. The sweet smell of these flowers, which remain longer than most fragrant flowers, also makes them a popular choice of weddings. So, order roses online and add glamour to the wedding venue.

3. Orchids are one of the top Indian wedding flowers 

Orchids are the most exotic and delicate flowers that come in various shapes and shades. These pretty and vibrant flowers are often spotted at Indian wedding receptions as bouquets, vermalas, or in decoration & also in the Christian weddings. The white orchid's flowers usually pair with deeper hues to create a beautiful contrast.

4. Jasmine

Jasmine or mogra is one of the best Indian wedding flowers. You can see these flowers everywhere because they have a sweet, subtle fragrance that wins everyone’s heart. Due to their strong scent, they are used as perfumes & mostly famous for using hair decoration.

These lovely blooms usually bring good luck & also a sign of good fortune. The white color of these jasmine flowers also signifies purity.

5. Lotus

Lotus is an evergreen Indian flower, and your wedding never completes without these flowers. This flower looks not only beautiful but also very useful too. These beauties are common in the wedding poojas, so this lovely bloom is always the part of the wedding preparations. Apart from this, these beautiful flowers are the first preference to adorn the hair or decorate the venue.

The above-listed flowers are the gorgeous Indian wedding flowers. So, next time, opt for these flowers to decorate your wedding venue.

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