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Ways to renew your Norton antivirus

Ways to renew your Norton antivirus using Norton Product Key

Norton antivirus is an anti-malware developed by Symantec Corporations. Norton antivirus uses heuristics and signatures for detecting viruses. You can use Norton antivirus on your Windows PC, Android as well as on your Apple devices. In case you have multiple devices or you want to secure all your family devices then you can also pick Norton multi-license key. With this plan, you can protect all devices simultaneously.

If you want to keep your device always protected then ensure that you renew your plan before expiration. Norton also has an auto-renewal mode that renews your plan a month ahead of expiration. The amount will get debited from your account and you will be notified via email. If you disable auto-renewal mode of Norton antivirus then you have to renew your plan manually. But many Norton plans do not have auto-renewal mode. You also have to renew those plans manually. 

Your Norton antivirus will start notifying you for renewal a month before the expiry date. Whenever you notice the renewal notice; renew your Norton plan immediately. If you renew the plan 25 days before Norton expiry date then your remaining 25 days will be added on your new Norton plan. So, don’t worry about your remaining days and renew your plan immediately.

Steps to renew Norton from the subscription plan

If you want to renew your Norton plan by purchasing an upgraded plan then you have to download and install a new Norton plan on your every device. You can install Norton antivirus according to your license. You can’t upgrade a multi-license plan to a single license else you can only get Norton on one device. So, check your plan and device compatibility before upgrading your plan. Sign in to Norton account and follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on Norton and hit the My Norton windows
  2. Go to Device Security and tap the Open button
  3. Norton main window will appear on the screen
  4. Hit the Renew button
  5. A subscription window will appear on the screen, hit the Buy a subscription button
  6. Now review your purchase and click on the Buy Now button
  7. A confirmation button will appear on the screen; enter your account credentials and press the OK button
  8. Now enter your payment details (Check your order before making payment)

After purchasing the Norton plan; your subscription will get renewed.

Renew Norton antivirus with Product Key

Many Norton plans are not applicable for product key renewal. Check your Norton plan and then renew your plan accordingly. If you can renew using product key then follow the steps mentioned below for Norton renewal:

  1. Open Norton and click on My Norton tab
  2. Navigate to Device security
  3. Now click on Activate Now button
  4. For renewing your Norton plan; hit the Help button
  5. Hit the Enter Product Key button
  6. Now type (or copy and paste) the renewal key on the given space
  7. Now hit the Activate Now button

Wait for a minute and you will get a confirmation message on the screen. Once you renew your Norton plan; go to the subscription window and check your plan. 

Activating Norton antivirus with a subscription license associated with the account

If you purchase Norton antivirus from the Norton online store then your license will get stored on the Norton account automatically. You can follow the steps given below for activating the subscription if you didn’t download or install your Norton product on the PC after purchasing:

  1. Open a web browser and search for Norton antivirus
  2. Open Norton dashboard
  3. Go to My Norton tab
  4. Go to Activate now button
  5. Click on Activate now button
  6. A popup will appear on the screen
  7. Enter Norton username and password
  8. Log in to your Norton account
  9. Now click on the Norton security license
  10. Type (or copy and paste) the product key
  11. Click on Submit button

Renewal of Nortan

Now your Norton plan is renewed. If you want to get a Norton plan on your new device and remove Norton from the previous one then you have to transfer your Norton plan. You can easily transfer your Norton subscription from one device to another. Open the web browser on your PC and visit the Norton website. Now login to your Norton account and click on My Norton. Go to the device security page and click on the device from which you want to remove Norton. If the device is showing green status then it is active and it appears in red or grey then it is not active.

Click on the device to remove the Norton subscription. If you are unable to get the device then you can use the History link. Go to Manage License and then click on Remove Norton. Now go to Install on the New Device page and choose your option. If you want to install Norton on your current device then choose the Install Now button. Norton antivirus will start installing on the device you are using. If you want to install Norton on a different device then click on the Send link button. Now open the device in which you want to install Norton. Open your email account and click on the Norton link. Norton setup will start installing automatically. Once complete, check whether your plan is activated or not and then scan your device and protect it from all threats.

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